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New Product Alert! Eazy Scrim Extra Wide Fibreglass Jointing Tape

A smooth, flawless finish is every plasterer's pride and joy. But even the most skilled professional can be thwarted by pesky cracks appearing over time. That's where Eazyscrim Fibreglass Jointing Tape comes in, offering a powerful solution for superior strength and a lasting, professional finish.

What is Eazy Scrim?

Eazyscrim is a self-adhesive, extra-wide fibreglass mesh specifically designed for reinforcing plasterboard joints and corners. Developed by plasterers, for plasterers, it addresses the common issue of cracking by providing exceptional reinforcement.

The Eazyscrim Advantage:

  • Extra Strength:  The wide mesh, 40% wider than traditional scrim tape, offers a significantly larger bonding area. This translates to a stronger bond and superior support for plasterboard joints, minimizing the risk of cracks even years down the line.

  • Super Sticky:  Eazyscrim boasts an ultra-sticky adhesive that forms a secure bond with the plasterboard. This ensures the tape stays firmly in place, even during rigorous application of plaster.

  • Easy Application:  Being self-adhesive, Eazyscrim is a breeze to use. Simply apply it along the plasterboard joint, cut to size, and press firmly with a trowel or by hand. No complicated techniques required.

  • Professional Results:  By effectively preventing cracks, Eazyscrim allows you to achieve a flawless, professional finish that looks great and lasts.

Get that Smooth, Crack-Free Finish Every Time

If you're a plasterer looking for a way to ensure long-lasting results, look no further than Eazyscrim.  With its superior strength, ease of use, and ability to prevent cracks, Eazyscrim is the secret weapon for achieving flawless work every time.

For more information on Eazyscrim and how it can benefit your projects, visit the Eazymix website or your local building supplies store.



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